Sims Urban Oasis | Enquiry Hotline: (+65) 6100-0368

Sims Urban Oasis | Enquiry Hotline: (+65) 6100-0368




Sims Urban Oasis | Enquiry Hotline: (+65) 6100-0368

Sims Urban Oasis is located in the idyllic residential area of Sims Drive a hidden gem conveniently situated at the edge of the city. Located just a five-minute walk from Aljunied MRT station (which is one station away from Paya Lebar MRT Interchange), travelling by public transport is a breeze as Paya Lebar is serviced by both the East-West line and the Circle line. For those who drive, Sims Urban Oasis is a short 12-minute drive from the Marina Bay area, with links to major expressways like the PIE, KPE and ECP, and major roads such as Sims Ave, Paya Lebar Road and Changi Road.

As the first prime private residential development in the area, Sims Urban Oasis is poised to rejuvenate a charming and accessible locale of Singapore.



Sims Urban Oasis is set to be the centre of all that’s new. Come 2019, you can look forward to new and enhanced facilities, better transport connectivity and more opportunities to work near home.

Sims Urban Oasis | Enquiry Hotline: (+65) 6100-0368



Sims Urban Oasis | Enquiry Hotline: (+65) 6100-0368

Sims Urban Oasis is strategically located in an area of growth. In anticipation of the growing appeal of the neighbourhoods around Sims Drive, early mover businesses and entrepreneurs have set up new hip cafés (such as Backstage Café and The Tuckshop), restaurants, fitness and activity centres in this prime locale, tapping on the increasing pool of residents and expatriates.

Many new businesses have popped up in Sims Urban Oasis’s neighbourhood in the last year. From cafés to design firms and co-working spaces, the area has proved to be magnet for young entrepreneurs in their 20s and 30s, thanks to the relatively affordable rent as compared to similar spaces elsewhere. With the rise of these mid- to high-end F&B outlets, the area is seeing a renewed vibe. It’s been attracting foodies from across the island and is fast becoming a hot new hangout.

Future residents of Sims Urban Oasis can also look forward to more of such contemporary dining outlets and facilities.



Sims Urban Oasis | Enquiry Hotline: (+65) 6100-0368

A distinctive character of Singapore’s heritage, one can also easily find preserved shophouses and historic testaments along the busy and vibrant streets of Aljunied. With a strong cultural influence, Aljunied has branded itself as a local food paradise with many authentic food stalls selling affordable local delights. These local delights provide residents of Sims Urban Oasis with an alternative to hip cafes and bars.

Sims Urban Oasis sits on the cusp of several neighbourhoods, including Aljunied, Paya Lebar and Kallang. These are all areas with a distinctive old school charm, with clusters of traditional shophouses lining the streets of Geylang and the distinctive Geylang Serai Market in Paya Lebar. The area has built a reputation among local foodies for serving some of the nation’s best food, from countless local stalls selling authentic street food to local restaurants famous for their delicacies.

More and more new eateries are setting up shop around these historical neighbourhoods, resulting an rich tapestry juxtaposition of old and new. The rapidly transforming landscape around Sims Urban Oasis also adds an air of sophistication to the area and provides residents with an escape from the bright lights and bustle of the streets.



Sims Urban Oasis | Enquiry Hotline: (+65) 6100-0368

More than an architectural wonder, Sims Urban Oasis is designed to be a smart community hub that fosters an active lifestyle. Its vision for an active community is complemented by its accessibility to a cycling network via the nearby Pelton Park Connector as well as revamped canals that offer even more opportunities for outdoor activities for all ages. From cycling, walking jogging and more, you can reap the health benefits and save the environment too.